Cloud Security


Security of public facing assets has never been more critical, as there appear to be daily breaches of one company or another’s services.

To keep on top of configuration errors or newly discovered vulnerabilities why not consider using a Cloud based Security service that can provide the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Scheduled scans of external systems.
  • Regular interval scans.
  • Automated reports emailed after scanning.
  • Constant monitoring of systems from the outside.
  • Access the reporting and management portal via a browser 24/7.

The same services that are deployed to mitigate risk for external facing systems can also be deployed internally to ensure a full vulnerability assessment is carried out on all the companies assets and not just the public facing ones.

All Products and Services are offered by our trusted Partner – RandomStorm.

Products offered:

xStorm – Designed to enable network managers to run scheduled or on demand perimeter scans, the xStorm service can be configured for unlimited numbers of scans on any number of external IP addresses visible from outside the network. This means that any remedial action taken to close a vulnerability can be retested to confirm that the solution has been successful without incurring additional costs.

iStorm – The iStorm vulnerability management platform has been designed by security professionals for security professionals to enable organisations to stay in complete control of their network security. Combining the detailed analysis of network vulnerabilities with real time intrusion detection feeds, through a single management dashboard, iStorm provides network managers with all the tools they need to ensure that their organisations are both secure and compliant.

WebStorm – WebStorm is a Software as a Service (SaaS) black-box web application security scanning service. WebStorm can find and report technical and business logic security issues such as SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting as well as find email addresses and that long forgotten about test page.

StormProbe – Provides enterprise threat management and has been designed by security professionals that understand the commercial pressures that network managers have to face. One of the most challenging aspects of this critical corporate role is recognising which assets are most at risk and when to act.

AirStorm – Part of the RandomStorm range of advanced vulnerability scanning products, provides network managers with an instant, 24/7 analysis of their Wireless LAN infrastructure; maintaining an up to date record of all the installed 802.11 based wireless devices, identifying and reporting any suspect activity and helping to pin-point the location of rogue access points.

StormAgent – Is a key part of the RandomStorm Integrated Network Security and Compliance Platform. Based on industry standard, open source Intrusion Detection technology StormAgent monitors access and changes to system and application log files and alerts network managers whenever unauthorised activity is detected.

Services Offered:

A full suite of security services are offered through Pivotal Networks which cover the needs of all businesses large and small dependant on the need for compliance or general security conformity.

  • PCI Scanning and Auditing Services.
  • External IP Scanning.
  • Internal Network Scanning.
  • Wireless Security Monitoring.
  • Network Intrusion Detection.
  • PCI Penetration Testing.
  • On Demand PCI Reporting.

Product/Service Datasheet downloads:

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