Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)

Enhanced productivity without boundaries

Wireless technology is continuing to move forward apace, with 802.11n now fully adopted in the market place and becoming a business requirement for new deployments.

802.11n technology and it’s possible operating speeds are allowing some companies to adopt different working methods and even consider replacement of desktops with wifi enabled laptops for certain employee types.

Wireless surveys are a must for any business considering deploying wifi as a corporate toolset. This ensures full coverage of the areas identified as a business requirement and allows users to get the most benefit from a wireless deployment knowing that coverage is available where and when they need it.

Pivotal will carry out green field surveys for new deployments and troubleshooting surveys where existing wifi has been rolled out, but is experiencing performance and stability problems.

Wireless has many benefits that can be utilised by even the smallest organisations. For corporate use however, security is still paramount to ensure that sensitive data remains safe and secure. Appropriate security models will be implemented by Pivotal that will keep data secure but will not undermine the usability of the solution for end users.

An additional benefit is the use of a common wireless infrastructure for both corporate and guest/visitor wifi access delivering simple internet access for guest users.

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